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TAMISEMI Call For Work Teachers -Orodha Ya Majina Ya Walimu Walioajiriwa 2022

TAMISEMI Call For Work Teachers – Orodha Ya Majina Ya Walimu Walioajiriwa 2022 Tamisemi PDF Majina ya Walimu Wapya 2022 Majina Ajira Mpya Za Walimu 2022/2023 PDF TAMISEMI Call For work at TAMISEMI Walimu na Kada ya Afya 2022 TAMISEMI Call For Work Teachers

THE GOVERNMENT has announced the recruitment of 16,676 health workers and educators out of the 17,412 required staff while 736 vacant applicants are expected to be re-advertised. This was announced today on June 26, 2022 in Dodoma by the Minister of State Office of the President Regional Administration and Local Government

Hon. Innocent Bashungwa during the announcement of new teacher and health cadres announced April 20, 2022. He said a total of 165,948 applications were received in the system where the application of Health Cadres is 42,558, and the Teaching Cadre is 123,390. Ms. Bashungwa said in the case of the Health Cadres, qualified applicants who met the criteria and were assigned to work centers are 6,876 women are 3,217 equivalent to 46.8 percent and men are 3,659 equal to 53.2 percent including 42 with disabilities equivalent to 0.61 percent due to the shortage of qualified applicants the reputation of the group.

He said 736 health cadres lacked qualified applicants which are Dentist (50), Dentist (43), Assistant Physician (244), Radiation Technician (86) and Certificate-level Nurse (313) and stressed that those cadres will be re-advertised to find qualified applicants to fill the vacancies. Bashungwa said in terms of teaching cadres, qualified applicants who met the criteria and were assigned to work centers are 9,800 of which 5,000 teachers are assigned to primary schools and 4,800 teachers to secondary schools. “Out of 5,000 primary school teachers women are 2,353 equivalent to 47.06 percent and men are 2,647 equivalent to 52.94 percent. In terms of 4,800 teachers of secondary schools women are 1,289 women equivalent to 26.85 percent and men are 3,511 equivalent to 73.15 percent. He said 261 primary and secondary school teachers with disabilities were equivalent to 2.66 percent of all employed teachers, including 84 women and 177 men.

“It should also be noted that, for secondary school teachers we have provided science teacher jobs for 76% of the 4,800 vacancies we have been given.” Minister Bashungwa mentioned the criteria used as the year of graduation of the candidate based on the need for a cadre or level of education, age of birth of qualified applicants designated by applicants with special needs.

In addition, Bashungwa has asked new recruits to ensure that they report to the Directors of the designated Councils with a national ID or NIDA identification number, real birth certificate, all actual Professional Certificates and Professionalism of the employee, to be verified by the Employer before being given a letter. of employment He also demanded that new employees who do not report to the designated facilities within 14 days, from the time the announcement is made, will have lost their positions and will be filled by other qualified applicants, present in the Kanzidata (Database) of the Office of the President – PMO-RALG

Majina ya walimu walioajiriwa 2022 PDF

TAMISEMI Call For Work Teachers -Orodha Ya Majina Ya Walimu Walioajiriwa 2022




Ratiba Ya Sensa Malipo Ya Zoezi La Sensa 2022

When will TAMISEMI Announce majina ya walimu walioajiriwa 2022

TAMISEMI will be announce the names of teachers that will be employed for primary and Secondary schools in Tanzania so as to reduce the scarcity of teachers in government schools for providing better education to increase students performance. All teachers will be required to report their work place within a specified time, for those who will fail their chances will be given to others.


In addition, the age of the applicant has been considered by giving priority to applicants over the age of 40 who have completed the initial years as specified in the previous priority. “The reason is that if they are not hired early until they reach the age of 45 where they will not be able to be re-employed in the Government for permanent conditional employment” said Prof. Shemdoe. Applicants who are bound by the pre-specified qualifications, ie the year of graduation and age, will also be given priority to the girl / woman, without affecting the 50% ratio she has defined. Similarly, Prof Shemdoe noted that if applicants are tied to the qualification for Graduation Year, Age and Gender then it has been given priority to the older person by looking at the date of birth.

Call For work at TAMISEMI Walimu na Kada ya Afya 2022

Citing challenges encountered during the analysis and causing some applicants to lose credentials, he said, including applicants missing correctly all the required attachments in accordance with the job advertisement, applicants not following the instructions of the employment application system, inconsistencies in the applicant’s information in the system job applications and information contained in the appendices as well as Applicants to write inaccurate information about the subjects he / she is applying to teach and contained in training certificates or result

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