Kikosi cha Yanga SC 2023/2024 – Young Africans Squad list 2023/24

Kikosi cha Yanga SC 2023/2024 – Young Africans Squad list 2023/24

Kikosi cha Yanga SC 2023/2024 – Young Africans Squad list 2023/24,Kikosi cha Yanga 2023/2024,Kikosi chote cha Yanga 2023/24,Kikosi cha Yanga 2024,Yanga Sc Full Squad

Kikosi cha Yanga SC 2023/2024 – Young Africans Squad list 2023/24

Kikosi cha Yanga SC 2023/2024 - Young Africans Squad list 2023/24



  • Djigui Diarra
  • Erick Johola
  • Abdultwalik Msheri


  • Djuma Shaban
  • Kibwana Shomari
  • David Bryson
  • Joyce Lomalisa
  • Abdallah Shaibu
  • Dickson Job
  • Bakari Nondo
  • Yanick Bangala
  • Ibrahim Bacca


  • Khalid Aucho
  • Gael Bigirimana
  • Aziz Ki Stephane
  • Feisal Salum
  • Zawadi Mauya
  • Farid Mussa
  • Jesus Moloko
  • Dickson Ambundo
  • Salum Aboubakary Sure Boy
  • Denis Nkane
  • Benard Morrison


  • Fiston Mayele
  • Yusuph Athuman
  • Chrispin Ngush
  • Yacouba Sogne
  • Heritier Makambo
  • Lazarous Kambole


Ratiba Ya Mechi za Yanga Yanga NBC Fixture 2023/2024

Yanga Sports Club, also known as Young Africans Sports Club, is a Tanzanian football club based in Dar es Salaam. It is one of the oldest and most successful football clubs in Tanzania, with a rich history and a large fan base. Yanga SC has achieved numerous domestic and continental successes throughout its existence.

Yanga Sports Club was founded on March 15, 1935, as a social club for Africans during the colonial era. The club initially focused on various sports activities such as athletics, boxing, and football. However, football quickly became the most popular sport within the club.

In the early years, Yanga SC faced challenges due to racial discrimination and limited resources. Despite these obstacles, the club managed to establish itself as a force in Tanzanian football. Yanga SC won its first league title in 1968 and has since gone on to win numerous domestic championships.

**Domestic Success:**
Yanga SC has been a dominant force in Tanzanian football, winning the Tanzanian Premier League title a record 27 times as of 2021. The club has also won the Tanzanian Cup (now known as the Azam Sports Federation Cup) a record 6 times. Additionally, Yanga SC has lifted the Tanzanian Community Shield multiple times.

The rivalry between Yanga SC and Simba SC, another prominent Tanzanian football club, is one of the most intense and passionate in African football. Matches between these two teams, known as the “Kariakoo Derby,” attract large crowds and generate immense excitement among fans.

**Continental Performances:**
Yanga SC has also participated in various continental competitions, including the CAF Champions League and the CAF Confederation Cup. Although they have not yet won any major continental titles, Yanga SC has had some notable performances.

In the CAF Champions League, Yanga SC reached the final in 1993 but narrowly lost to Zamalek SC of Egypt. The club has also reached the group stages of the competition on multiple occasions. In the CAF Confederation Cup, Yanga SC reached the quarterfinals in 2018, showcasing their potential on the continental stage.

**Infrastructure and Facilities:**
Yanga SC is based at the Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium, which is located in Dar es Salaam. The stadium has a seating capacity of over 60,000 spectators and serves as the home ground for Yanga SC’s matches. The club also has training facilities and youth development programs to nurture young talent.

**Fan Base and Support:**
Yanga SC boasts a large and passionate fan base, known as “Wananchi” (meaning citizens). The club’s supporters are known for their unwavering loyalty and dedication, filling stadiums with vibrant displays of support during matches. Yanga SC’s matches often attract thousands of fans, creating an electric atmosphere.