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University Of Iringa (UoI) Selected Students 2022/23 Academic Year

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Dear selected students,

It is our great pleasure to inform you that those whose names appear on the list below have been selected to join the University of Iringa (UoI).
Please click on the links below to view your selection status and follow the instructions provided.



To get Registration Form, Admission Letter, Tuition Fee, Medical Examination form and programme transfer form please click on the following links respectively.

For quick help Please Contact us through: –

0743 802615 0677048774 0745841055 0657454125 0786886445 0621070138 0625543321

0711923710 0659215367 0674249097 0620699454 0765070300 0753434537 0755071817

0688109605 0743574865 0716183765

In 1995 Tumaini University, Iringa University College was founded, originating as Iringa Lutheran College and Seminary. In 1997 it began offering University Certificate, Diploma, and Degree programmes. It operated as University College for eighteen years and was distinguished as being the first private university in Tanzania. Graduates from this University have become prominent throughout the country in Lutheran ministry, law, and business. In addition, Tumaini is well represented in the national Ministries of Education, the Arts, and others. Tumaini graduates figure with importance throughout Tanzanian industry. Many have continued on to post-graduate degrees in Europe, America, and other African nations and are distiguishing themselves internationally.

On 25th October 2013 Iringa University College became the full-fledged University of Iringa (UoI). The University has six departments/faculties and offers multiple courses of study in each, certificates, diplomas, bachelors’, and post-graduate degrees. It is under the aegis of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania. The University boasts a highly trained and experienced academic staff from Tanzania and countries across the globe. It enjoys close ties and support from the USA, Finland, Germany, and various other foreign countries.

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