Timu zilizopanda Daraja NBC Premier League 2022/2023

Timu zilizopanda Daraja NBC Premier League 2022/2023

Timu zilizopanda Daraja NBC Premier League 2022/2023 The Tanzania Football Federation (TFF), previously Football Association of Tanzania (FAT), is the governing body of football in Tanzania and oversees the Tanzania national football teams. It was founded in 1930 and is affiliated to FIFA since 1964.Timu zilizopanda Ligi Kuu 2022-2023, Timu zilizopanda Ligi kuu 2023-2024, Timu zilizopanda daraja

Timu zilizopanda Daraja NBC Premier League 2022/2023

1. JKT Tanzania

2. Kitayosce


The Federation was founded in 1930 as Tanganyika Football Association (TFA). It was later renamed as Football Association of Tanzania (FAT) in 1971 after major amendments in its Constitution.

FAT existed until 2004 when the new name TFF came into force after the body’s General Assembly held on 27th December of the same year.

The Current TFF Constitution came into force 15th January 2006 following the General Assembly held in Dar es Salaam on 14th and 15th January 2006.

Currently, Wallace Karia is the President of Tanzania Football Federation (TFF), succeeding to Jamal Malinzi in August 2017.

TFF regions and blocks are becoming more empowered under his leadership as he believes they are the drivers of development agenda.

Premier League, also known as Ligi Kuu Tanzania Bara, is a professional football league in Tanzania for men. There are overall 18 teams that compete for the title every year between August and June. The current holder of the title is Young Africans Sport Club and the team that holds the most titles is Young Africans Sport Club. Sofascore tracks live football scores and Premier League table, results, statistics and top scorers. In the 22/23 season, among the most popular teams in Premier League for online searches are Simba SC, Young Africans, Azam FC. To follow today’s games and other active leagues, please visit the main page for all competitions in Tanzania.

Competition format of Premier League

The first edition of the Premier League took place in 1963 when the first league winner was Sunderland. The teams are placed in 3 tables, with a promotion and relegation system for the best and worst-performing teams. Each team plays overall 317 games in one season and the winner is the team that has the most points at the end of the season. The top 1 team qualify for the Champions League Qualification main tournament or preliminary qualifications. Additional 1 team qualify for CAF Confederation Cup tournament or preliminary qualifications.

Top scorers and goals

The average number of goals in the league for season 22/23 is 2.34 per game.

Top 8 important questions about Premier League

#1 Which team in Premier League has the most titles?
The team with the most titles in Premier League is Young Africans Sport Club.

#2 Which team is the current titleholder in Premier League?
The current titleholder in Premier League is Young Africans Sport Club.

#3 What rank of competition is Premier League in Tanzania?
Premier League is the level 1 division in Tanzania.

#4 How many rounds are played each season in Premier League?
Overall 38 rounds are played in Premier League each season.

#5 How many goals are scored on average in Premier League in 22/23?
The average number of goals in Premier League is 2.34 per game in 22/23.

#6 Is there a playoff round in Premier League after the regular season?
There isn’t a playoff competition after the regular season in Premier League.

#7 When does the Premier League start and when does it finish?
The Premier League usually starts in August and ends in June.

#8 How many groups are there in Premier League competition?
The teams in Premier League are placed in 3 groups.