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Places on Earth where the sun never sets

Places on Earth where the sun never sets There is nothing like the capricious nature of day and night cycles to remind us that we are riding atop a spinning rock through space, at the mercy of a possessive fireball. Our routine revolves around 24 hours a day, with around 12 hours of sunlight, and the remaining hours are nighttime. But, did you know that there are places across the world where the sun does not go down for more than 70 days? Imagine how interesting (or confusing) it would be for tourists to keep a track of time, when even the locals there get confused with no sunset for straight 70 days.

Here are places on Earth where the sun never sets.

1. Norway

Norway, situated in the Arctic Circle, is called the Land of the Midnight Sun, where from May to late July, the sun actually never sets. This means that for around a period of 76 days, the sun never goes down. In Svalbard, Norway, the sun shines continuously from April 10 to August 23; it is also Europe’s northernmost inhabited region. You can plan your visit to this place during this time and live for the days, when there is no night.

2. Nunavut, Canada

Nunavut is located around two degrees above the Arctic Circle, in the Northwest Territories of Canada. This place sees around two months of 24X7 sunlight, whereas during winters, the place sees around 30 consecutive days of total darkness.

3. Iceland

Iceland is Europe’s largest island after Great Britain, and is also known for being the country that has no mosquitoes. During summers, nights are clear in Iceland, whereas during the month of June, the sun actually never sets. To see the Midnight Sun in its full glory, you can visit the city of Akureyri and Grimsey Island in the Arctic Circle.

4. Barrow, Alaska

From late May to late July, the sun actually does not set here, which is later compensated from the beginning of November for the next 30 days, which the sun does not rise, and is known as the polar night. This also means that the country remains in darkness during the harsh months of winter. Famed for snow-capped mountains and mesmerising glaciers, this place can be visited in either summers or winters.

5. Finland

The land of thousand lakes and islands, most parts of Finland get to see the sun straight for just 73 days during summers. During this time, the sun continues to shine for around 73 days, whereas, during the winter time, this region sees no sunlight. It is also one of the reasons why people here sleep less in summer, and more during winters. When here, you get to enjoy the Northern Lights and also get the opportunity to indulge in skiing and experience the feel of staying in glass igloos.

6. Sweden

From early May until late August, Sweden sees the sun setting around midnight and rising at around 4am in the country. Here, the time period of constant sunshine might last for up to six months of a year. So, when here, one can spend long days by indulging in adventurous activities, by going out for golfing, fishing, exploring trekking trails, and much more.

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