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HESLB Question and Answers about Loan Application 2022

HESLB Question and Answers about Loan Application 2022 Jinsi Ya Ku Apply Mkopo | HESLB Instructions on How To Apply For a Loan HESLBJinsi Ya Kuomba Mkopo HESLB 2022/2023|How to apply HESLB Loan|Jinsi ya kujaza fomu ya mkopo heslb| executes one of the key mandates in administering loans to students pursuing higher education. Every year, the Board prepares the Loan Application almanac to guide on the process of loan issuance to needy and eligible students. As per the almanac, Loan Application Window opens once annually. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students who are eligible are invited to apply.Maswali na majibu kuhusu mikopo 2022

Criteria on eligibility and the application process is stipulated in the Loan Application Guideline for the respective year which can be downloaded on this site. Prospective applicants are encouraged to read the guidelines carefully, prepare the prerequisites and make their application online through the Online Application and Management System (OLAMS).

The Followings are The steps You must Follow for HESLB  Online Loan Application

Self Registration is your starting point for the online application

Every prospective applicant must first register before being allowed to access the Loan Application Form. There are different links for applicants who sat for NECTA Examinations and those who wrote Non-NECTA Exams. Select the appropriate link.

How to Format Your Four Index?

Your form four index number is used by the Board to uniquely identify applicants and must be formatted as follows. For example, the index number S0332/12 of 2016 becomes a 15 character represented as S0332.0300.2016

N.B: Overseas Applicants should use their examination index numbers as they appear in their certificates.

How To Login?

If you are a registered user, you already know the USERNAME and PASSWORD for the system. The PASSWORD is case sensitive which means a capital letter should be treated as such, a Small letter likewise.

  • First time loan applicants are applicants that have not used this system before and have no accounts to enable them to login to the system using their username and passwords. These applicants are required to get registered first.
  • Existing applicants are applicants who have completed Registration in this system before and were able to create accounts to enable them to login to the system using their username and password. These applicants can login to the system anytime. Existing applicants are applicants who have completed Registration in this system before and were able to create accounts to enable them to login to the system using their username and passwords. These applicants can login to the system anytime.
  • NECTA FORM Four Index Number should be in the format: S0XXX.XXXX or P0XXX.XXXX.
    Example: S0750.0023 or P0750.0023.
  • Applicant will be able to Login after completing Registration.
  • Registration enables applicant to create account in this system and obtain Username and Password.
  • Registration should only be done once. After completion, applicant should only Login using obtained username and password.
  • Username will be applicant’s NECTA FORM Four Index Number followed by a year of completion, e.g.: S0XXX.XXXX.YYYY or P0XXX.XXXX.YYYY
    Example: S0750.0023.2006 or P0750.0023.2006.
  • When logged in applicant will be able to make application fee payment and complete loan application.

How to Pay for HESLB Loan Application

  1. Loan application forms will only be visible for filling once the application fee is paid.
  2. In order to successfully complete the loan application; the applicant is required to complete all steps under My Application link.
  3. The applicant will go through the following;-
    • Fill all application forms in the system
    • Submit all the filled forms to the system
    • Print the forms
    • Sign all required forms
    • Upload the signed forms
    • Print the completed loan application package
    • Close the loan application.

you can access online application form. First-time applicants have to fill a couple of forms. For First Time applicants the menu items will appear on your left. Once completed, each subform will be displayed with green tick on your left menu. The link for printing the completed application package will appear

All loan applications will be done through Online Loan Application and Management System (OLAMS). Applicants are REMINDED to use the same Form Four Index Numbers used while applying for admissions.


Help Desk Support : +255 5507910, 0739 665 533 

Note;- Applicants are REMINDED to keep full set of the loan applications, attachments submitted, and EMS receipts used for mailing their applications to HESLB for easy tracking when necessary.

HESLB online loan application system 2022/2023

  1. Only Tanzanian citizens are invited to apply for higher education loans.
  2. The loan application cycle for the 2022/2023 academic year will open soon
  3. All applicants are advised to read the guidelines and criteria for issuing loans and grants to students for the academic year 2022/2023 carefully (Mwongozo wa utoaji mikopo na ruzuku kwa wanafunzi kwa mwaka wa masomo 2022/2023).
  4. In order to use the system easily; It is recommended that applicants read all instructions under the instruction link.
  5. Eligible applicants must register and apply online for the Higher Education Student Finance Loan on the Higher Education Student Finance Council website

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