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Ratiba Ya Parade ya Yanga Champions Parade

Ratiba Ya Parade ya Yanga Champions Parade Yanga on Saturday 10.06.2023 we will have a big Parade  to celebrate the 2 times championship with the Members, Fans and Lovers of Young Africans SC starting from Julius Nyerere airport, at 03:00 in the morning and passing Veta – Kamata – Msimbazi and Finally our Club Headquarters in the Jangwani

Young African FC, popularly known as “Yanga” or “Timu ya wanainchi”. This FC is one of the top football clubs based in Jangwani Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This club was founded in 1935 as a community club but has since grown to become one of the biggest football clubs not only in Tanzania but across East and Central Africa. In fact, young Africans FC is the most successful team in Tanzania. This FC has a total of 27 league titles and 4 domestic cups.

This club has also participated in the CAF Champions league edition multiple times and has performed relatively well. Furthermore, young African FC has also participated in the Council for East and Central Football Association (CECAFA). A football tournament played by East Africa and a bit of Central Africa nations. And won five times, making it one of the most successful football teams in East Africa. You can read about the best football players in the world from other football clubs.

Young African sports club history

People can trace young African FC roots as early as 1910. Like many other football clubs in Africa, the Young Africans sports club started humbly as a community football club in Jangwani Dar es Salaam. Over the years, the club’s popularity grew. It was officially recognized and registered in 1935. When the local community who were categorized as Africans by the British colonial administration decided to officially create a club that will compete with non-Africans football clubs in a well-structured league. The name was given to this football club when the club officially started. It was New Young. But it was later changed to Dar es Salaam Young African SC and finally to the Young African sports club.

Just two years after the club was officially established, things did not go well for the club. The club recorded a poor performance and widespread dissatisfaction among team members and club supporters. That resulted in some of the club members splitting and forming a rival team known as Queens Football Club, popularly known as samba. Since then, these two football teams, Yanga, and Simba have been fierce rivals.

Young African FC and Simba are also among the most successful team in east Africa. And they command a huge fan base. These two teams have the most entertaining clash that attracts a lot of attention both from their die-hard fans across East Africa and also the media. Their clash is among the most talk about derbies in East and Central Africa. It is alleged that Arabs were the main cause for an insurgence in the Young African sports club that led to the split.

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