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CHITA JKT Morogoro Form Six Selection 2022

CHITA JKT Morogoro Form Six Selection 2022 Selection Form Six JKT 2022 JKT 2022 Selected Form Six Student to Join JKT 2022 National Service was established on 10th July 1963 emanating from the ideas of the Father of the Nation, the late President Julius K Nyerere who once said ” National Service is the demand made by the Nation on youth and youth response in fulfilling their duty in building the Nation”.Form six selected student to join jkt 2022
JKT National Service selection list is simply the names of Form six students selected for JKT training into various JKT camps. Form six JKT selection lists are usually released by the National Service after the conduct of a random selection exercise

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CHITA JKT Morogoro Form Six Selection 2022 The Commander-in-Chief of the National Service (JKT), Brigadier General Rajabu Mabele wants them to report to the Camps all the youths who were called to attend the JKT training in accordance with the Law for the year 2021 who have so far not reported.

In addition, the Army for Nation Building has added the names of young people who graduated from Form Six education in 2021 to join their fellow youths who were previously invited to attend the training. JKT Training in accordance with the Law in 2021 will be conducted for only three months. Graduates with Physical Disabilities report to the Ruvu JKT camp located in Mlandizi Coast Region which has infrastructure to serve the people of the community.

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The National Service was established by the National Service Act to bring together the youths of Tanzania for the following purpose:

  • Work together in order to build the sense of nationalism.
  • Develop cultural and sociological awareness.
  • Provide skills, build economic independency, and reduce unemployment.
  • Train and develop the youth for national service and assist the government during natural disasters and calamities.
  • Build and develop the national economy.
  • Provide military training for national defense.

OBJECTIVES (Objectives)

1. Youth Development Young people are taught to love one another regardless of differences in ideology, religion, ethnicity, or income.Love handicrafts. Appreciating and developing traditions, customs and maintaining the culture of the Nation. Be good citizens, confident, dedicated, patriotic and patriotic.

2. National Defense To provide young people with military skills as a reserve Army, to prepare young people who will be eligible to join other Defense and Security agencies. To prepare young people to assist in various disasters, such as floods, fires and various accidents. 3.Production Assets In order to make young Tanzanians avoid the hassle that office work is the only and best way to survive,

JKT is responsible for wealth creation with the aim of enabling young people to be self-employed in various sectors immediately after concluding the contract with JKT. Asset production by JKT includes: – Building and renovating buildings Industry and Agriculture Minerals and Energy Tourism Security for Private Security Services Stores (Super Market) Connecting cars to machinery Educational services

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